Don’t forget…

To refresh your hint page as it is constantly being updated.

For those new to the hunt – welcome – you are looking for a yellow smiley face with a paintbrush painting its smile on (two prim sculpt).

Sometimes it may be tiny, sometimes really big, and in one case painted black.

In any case, have fun with the hunt and join the Texture Maniac Hunters group if you need help.


Yes, the hunt has begun…

and no, as much as a hunt organizer thinks that everything is ready to go when the hunt finally begins…its not 🙂

There are some vendors who have been MIA (missing in action) for quite a while but the hunt must go on!  I am doing my best to update the hints page at least 10 times a day to ensure that hunters have all the correct LMs!  If you see anything in question, please IM me, Mandi Blanco – please don’t post it in the hunters group to confuse everyone else!

It’s just me, the one and only hunt organizer on this hunt, so please be patient while all the kinks get worked out!

If you get frustrated, please leave the hunt and resume next week – I promise things will be better and straightened out!

Thanks for your patience and enjoy the hunt and gifts!